Entrepreneurship vs Established, Red Pill vs Blue Pill, Safe vs Sorry or just Different Strokes for Different Folks…


Alright, I’m going to go for it! i don’t want to take too much time on pros and cons on long marketing analyses. I have an idea and I’m going to bring it to fruition. I’m in contact with a developer as well as a potential customer for a bit of feedback.

On the job hunting front, I have a couple offers, of which I’ve accepted none thus far, so I’ve just been freelancing and thinking, and I can’t get my idea off my mind! I feel like even if it doesn’t work, it still will work…to get me on the path I should be on.  But honestly I think my idea has a place and will work, and because of this – I’m excited. My next step is to nail down how much the development will actually cost and figure out a subscription cost model that will bring in just a little revolving income. 

I’d like a cofounder but I’m equally excited to go it alone. I am truly inspired by all all the great blogs and stories I’ve read on WordPress about entrepreneurship, startups and positive thinking. It really does help to put you into a successful mind frame. I’ve also been skimming The $100 Startup.  I find it mostly inspirational, and more for the people who are following their passion and are using it as a way to make income.  


I think that’a awesome when you love something so much that you don’t mind putting 100% into it, knowing that you might end up just making enough. I think I’d rather find the need first, let the money/time/freedom come, and then chase the passion. Money is just a tool. 


I feel blessed  to still have marketable skills in such a tough economy, and I’m grateful for being able to freelance a bit to keep my head above water. I know being employed full time might slow my process, but I’ll definitely work to keep the momentum going, so I can accomplish my goals. 


I used to think of startups as workplaces to avoid, but now I see them in a whole new light. I’d be willing to give serious thought to turning down reputable and stable employment to work with the right one. Startups are like gateway drugs (but without the drugs part) leading to much bigger things and so addictive!  I’d pick up and move, or travel with my son for the right startup and experience. What a total 180 in the thought process department. In college, you’d like to graduate and land a job with the best tech company, largest firm or most popular designer – I wish I’d known sooner that I was supposed to be building the next best, largest and most popular…anything!

Besides all of that, my son is eighteen months now, and doing great! He’s as awesome as ever, and we are loving all of our time together! He naps alongside me, this Tuesday afternoon, as I write this entry and this small slice of life is positively one of the greatest occurrences ever. 



2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship vs Established, Red Pill vs Blue Pill, Safe vs Sorry or just Different Strokes for Different Folks…

  1. Wasn’t clear about whether you were looking for a start-up to join, or already have in mind an idea that you are going to pursue. If the latter, I can offer “some” assistance, as I have a 30 year record of coming up with ideas and then starting them up on a shoe-string while also having a full-time job. Some turned out very well. Some fizzled. ALL were good ideas. The ones that didn’t work were because either the world wasn’t ready for whatever I had envisioned, or the technology wasn’t there at the time (I had ideas back in the mid-nineties that are just now hitting the marketplace because the technology can support them (unfortunately I am not involved in any of them because I simply had to move on – you know, a family to feed, etc.), and some didn’t work because there was a fatal flaw in the concept – a flaw that was people made so realy couldn’t be forecast.
    Anyway, I’d be happy to be an ear for you if you want. denniskoller@comcast.net

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