I’ve got an idea I’d like to pursue but…


I need a bit of help and or guidance. I know there are a million people creating software and mobile apps, and so I suppose there is room for everyone with an audience. I’m not a programmer, so I’d like to partner with one to create a scheduling app, that falls under the time-saving criteria and niche. I know there are tons of scheduling applications, however I think adding an element to it would help those in the audiovisual world. When I was a manager for upwards of twenty five fulltime employees it would definitely helped me, and now as a freelancer itd definitely help.

I know about Elance and Odesk, etc, but I’m not sure about going that route. I wish the connection could be more organic, but programming is not my world, so I wouldn’t know where to start. I’ve even thought about trying to learn just what I need to learn for what I want to create, but that. is somewhat unrealistic because of the time it would take. So how do people do it? Through meet ups? Through agencies for thousands of dollars? Who’s done it and what’s the best way? I’d definitely like to know. Please feel free to spread some knowledge in the comments or via email.


2 thoughts on “I’ve got an idea I’d like to pursue but…

    • Hi Chadwick, it’s software for computer that when published would be viewable and usable via mobile app. I know it’s costly but I’d like to have it on android and iOS. I know it’s a useable idea based on being a Manager/Director and technician/freelancer in the AV world- not saying its going to change the world but its a definite timesaver for small or large productions.

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