What to do with my One Egg and One Basket


I’ve lost what I’d previously was writing, but long story short – it’s been a long week. I haven’t freelanced in a few weeks, so that’s not great. I was expecting money from an eBay sale, that is now taking forever, also not great. I have some bills coming up that I have to figure out how to pay, and that just is what it is. I’ll figure it out. I’ll do it. Somehow…

I know the goal is to diversify, have multiple revenue streams, etc, but right now it feels like I have one cracked egg and one worn basket with the bottom threatening to give way at any second.

I have a telephone interview this morning, and one next week. The interview process is a lengthy process these days, and while eventually my plans are to nix having a boss altogether, I recognize that I need to have seed money of some sort for any entrepreneurial endeavor.

I’ve come to the realization that I’d like to have a business partner – someone who has the same or similar goals!

My skill sets are more on the sales and technical side. From sales to execution, I’ve planned live corporate events for hundreds, even thousands of people –
‘audiovisual-ly’ speaking, that is. I’m pretty adept at learning new software and applications, and I basically have a ‘get it done’ disposition.

I wish I were more of a numbers peron, an IT person, a programmer and a coder. I think these skills are awesome, and kudos to you for having them. So come now, who can I share my egg with?


10 thoughts on “What to do with my One Egg and One Basket

  1. OMG!!! It looks like we have both survived the same type of week!!! Sometimes we need to pull out the ole’ superglue and smear it on everything to temporarily get us past the rough spots! Hold your baby and look at him! Perhaps today is nothing more than a baby mommy play day where you just put all thoughts of work out of your mind and focus on playing and your son! Much inspiration and empowerment comes from those mommy/baby playtimes!

    • No, they don’t have to be all those things in one person – not at all. More importantly I’m just looking for someone to build with. It doesn’t need to be in my field, so no, not promoting what I’ve done in the past. I believe you have to develop where there is a need or problem, so I’m open to a new endeavor altogether. Whatever the course is, I’d like to be at the helm or “co-helm”. I’m open to building what someone else wants to do, because I think if I put in the work now, I will have the time later to chase any passion.

      • So basically, Nathan the Paul, if its a great idea and will work with tons of hard work, I’m all for grinding it out now with crazy hours, driving here and there, pitching, networking, selling, late nights, early mornings etc if it will get me closer to where I want to be.

  2. Looks like we are on the same journey! Mum’s are amazing…I have no doubt that we can do this!! Life balance is crucial to well being and if we can make lots of money along the way then hats off to us 😉 Looking forward to reading more about how it is going…

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