I’m Changing My Mind


So, I have to admit that while being unemployed isn’t all fun, it is kind of some fun.  This is evidenced by the energy that I have all day long.  And to you jokesters who would say, “Well, duh – you don’t have a job, silly – of course you have tons of energy!”  Keep in mind that I spend every single minute with a one year old!  And even still, there have been no more of those afternoon lows that require a caffeine boost to make it to 5 o’clock.

I spend my time with my son, and I spend my time researching entrepreneurial endeavors I wish to pursue, I spend my time blogging, I spend my time learning to code at Code Academy, I spend my time reading, I spend my time learning, I spend my time thinking – and besides being basically broke – I love it. 

Just this morning I received a phone call to schedule a phone interview for a job in my field at a large university.  I made the appointment, and while I was initially excited – that joy was quickly replaced by the realization that beginning another job would mean that I would have less time to do the things I love to do. This is how I know that my mind is actually changing.  I’ve changed the way I feel about putting in forty or more hours a week  in for someone else.  I want to be a producer first, and a consumer second.  I’ve learned to stretch my dollars, and not spend them because I have them.  I’ve learned that there isn’t anything wrong with delaying gratification if it gets you closer to your endgame.

And just to think, all these thoughts came to my mind after a short two minute phone conversation to set up a phone interview – not even an in-person interview!  Heck, I don’t even know if I will receive an offer, or know if I’ll even have a chance of actually obtaining the job based on what the other candidates do or don’t have to offer, etc.  The fact that I’m looking forward to, and loathing a job I don’t even have all at the same time is proof to me that my mind is indeed changing.

It means to me that if I obtain and accept this or any other job, that this will not put an end to my newfound thought process.  It will be used as a tool, a stepping stone, a means to an end, but it will definitely not be the end.



3 thoughts on “I’m Changing My Mind

  1. You are feeling it, congrats! I get excited when others realize that they can drive their own happiness if they just take the plunge. Now you just need to determine what business you are going to pursue. Good luck!

  2. I completely understand what you’re saying. I’ve been in that boat and I’m working my way out. I recently joined a group of real estate investors that are teaching me how to invest. I’m still in the learning phase so I’m straggling the line of needing money now from a job and hating the thought of losing my freedom. Ugh the journey. Lol

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