I Would Like to Send a Shoutout to All My Followers – All Three of You…


I just want to say – that If I’m to make millions or at least $20 a month blogging, I’ll need more than three followers (Thanks you three!). So what does this mean? That I should do as the WordPress header constantly urges and “Go Premium”, so that I can research and invest in all of the little gadgets and meters and monitors and stat keepers and ad makers, etcetera to grow my traffic?  Or that I should remove myself from this, and all turnkey platforms altogether and invest in my own domain? Or that I just need to blog more, or blog more interestingly, or exchange links, etcetera?  How do you people do it? And by you people I mean those with thousands of followers.  

See I had this “brilliant” idea –  I don’t want to necessarily “Get Rich Easy”, but I wouldn’t mind “Get Rich Quick” – there’s a huge difference. The former neglects the process, while the latter bear hugs the struggle, gets in bed with the hard work, and fucks the shit out of setback and disappointment.  On the way to millions though, I thought it’d be interesting to not just document the struggle, but to monetize it!  How cool would that be.  Forget the idea of luck.  Luck is a real thing, but luck is just a means to an end.  Luck didn’t make you study hard, luck didn’t make you teach yourself more marketable skills, luck didn’t stay up with you all night as you plotted, planned and worked toward your endgame.  Luck just was you being in Starbucks utilizing the free wi-fi (without making a purchase, mind you), while someone who could help you get to the next level overheard or peeked over your shoulder and figured out how to help you (and them – nobody wants to take on a lost cause – remember this). 

So until we meet again, lets turn the television off (or at least put it on mute), lets put the videogames away (or better yet, give them away or sell them).  Lets get off of the couch, out of bed, out of the fridge, and put in some work!  Lets be ready when luck comes knocking.  Remember this – there’s nothing wrong with working hard now to get what you want later, but later shouldn’t be 30 years from now.  No, we will work – no, overwork now – and get what we want in a fraction of that time.  My son is one now.  How awesome would it be for him to be five, just on the brink of starting school, and I can be there for every moment.  Not at the office, not stuck in traffic, not working overtime, not stuck on the phone – but with him.  That’s definitely worth studying, working and grinding seven days a week for – for now 😉



4 thoughts on “I Would Like to Send a Shoutout to All My Followers – All Three of You…

  1. Hi thanks for commenting on my WordPress site – I have read your posts on here and see you were ‘fired’ from your job in October 13 but I sense you have a fantastic attitude. You remain positive and rather than adopting a ‘blame culture’ attitude, you are taking steps to move forward for yourself and your young child. I note you mention ‘luck’. I teach my 3 children that “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity”. I trust our ‘meeting’ on-line will prove beneficial or ‘lucky’ for you too. If you have a mailing address I can send my book to, I would welcome sending you the paperback version of it free of charge – all I ask in return is that you read it and then record your thoughts as a review on Amazon for me. I assure you, if you apply all that is in the book, you will change your life completely – it is NIOT ‘woo woo’. It offers practical, repeatable steps for quick progress to success – let me know and perhaps message me on my wordpress site. To remind you, my new book is ‘The True Secret To Infinite Personal and Business Success’. I offer it to you free of charge to emphasize this is a good will offering! Best wishes, John Murray.

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