Unemployed Boss

Call it a disaster or call it a blessing – undisguised – but I was fired from my job on October 3rd of this year!  Don’t get me wrong, I am worried, I am financially insecure, I am applying for jobs like crazy. I am also Mom of a one year old, which takes unemployment to a whole other level.

But what I also know is that I want to be free to actually raise my son as opposed to sending him to daycare right now. This is not a stay at home Mommy vs working Mommy debate because we all do what’s best, or at least what we think is best, but for me, I don’t want to miss out on moments while he is so young. I want to build something that we can experience together, in the present.  Freedom is not a paycheck to pay bills, and my son doesn’t schedule his precious moments, triumphs and milestones on weekends only.   Freedom is not money, but time.  So when I work, I want to work for time, and not money, meaning I want to make enough money to spend my time the way I want to. It’s not necessarily a pipe dream because people do it everyday.

But How?

Here’s the catch – I’m not altogether sure!  So with this little “stay (at home) cation”, amongst other things, I am learning to code at http://www.codeacademy.com.  I get discouraged, but I am determined. Learning to code and building a commerce, blog or database site is only one way to create a boss-less income.  Don’t get me wrong, I am applying for jobs in my field, but my goal is for that to be temporary, while I work toward a permanent resolution to working for time, and not just money.


10 thoughts on “Unemployed Boss

  1. to be business savvy and tech savvy is two different things, i am sure you know… but never lose hope. i am expecting twins and i am excited how things have worked out these years. Pursue any and every and then conquer it! Love & light to you and your home! (you’ll find success)

    • Don’t I know it! I could use a bit more or actually a lot more business sense, or a business partner who can complement. Congratulations on your twin babes. I know it will be an amazing experience. Twins sound super awesome indeed.

  2. Veeery interesting! Do you have clearly defined goals to work toward? By how much will you be expanding your skill set?
    By the by, I think its rad you’re teaching yourself to code! Congrats on a good start, and here’s to milestones that just keep comin.

  3. Ironeagle, I don’t have clear defined plans just yet. This was just a nudge from the universe to get something going. I’m honestly interested in having a business partner to work with. I’d also be up for working 100% towards my would-be partners idea. If it makes sense and dollars I’ll work like crazy on it if it will give me financial freedom later on, and by later not 30 years later – that’s just a job. I can always get another one of those. Anyway, success to you on your taxi service, seems like your marketing ploy would be to offer cab rides in the fastest car ever, deck it out inside, and ppl will recognize when they see you like cash cab!

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