Entrepreneurship vs Established, Red Pill vs Blue Pill, Safe vs Sorry or just Different Strokes for Different Folks…


Alright, I’m going to go for it! i don’t want to take too much time on pros and cons on long marketing analyses. I have an idea and I’m going to bring it to fruition. I’m in contact with a developer as well as a potential customer for a bit of feedback.

On the job hunting front, I have a couple offers, of which I’ve accepted none thus far, so I’ve just been freelancing and thinking, and I can’t get my idea off my mind! I feel like even if it doesn’t work, it still will work…to get me on the path I should be on.  But honestly I think my idea has a place and will work, and because of this – I’m excited. My next step is to nail down how much the development will actually cost and figure out a subscription cost model that will bring in just a little revolving income. 

I’d like a cofounder but I’m equally excited to go it alone. I am truly inspired by all all the great blogs and stories I’ve read on WordPress about entrepreneurship, startups and positive thinking. It really does help to put you into a successful mind frame. I’ve also been skimming The $100 Startup.  I find it mostly inspirational, and more for the people who are following their passion and are using it as a way to make income.  


I think that’a awesome when you love something so much that you don’t mind putting 100% into it, knowing that you might end up just making enough. I think I’d rather find the need first, let the money/time/freedom come, and then chase the passion. Money is just a tool. 


I feel blessed  to still have marketable skills in such a tough economy, and I’m grateful for being able to freelance a bit to keep my head above water. I know being employed full time might slow my process, but I’ll definitely work to keep the momentum going, so I can accomplish my goals. 


I used to think of startups as workplaces to avoid, but now I see them in a whole new light. I’d be willing to give serious thought to turning down reputable and stable employment to work with the right one. Startups are like gateway drugs (but without the drugs part) leading to much bigger things and so addictive!  I’d pick up and move, or travel with my son for the right startup and experience. What a total 180 in the thought process department. In college, you’d like to graduate and land a job with the best tech company, largest firm or most popular designer – I wish I’d known sooner that I was supposed to be building the next best, largest and most popular…anything!

Besides all of that, my son is eighteen months now, and doing great! He’s as awesome as ever, and we are loving all of our time together! He naps alongside me, this Tuesday afternoon, as I write this entry and this small slice of life is positively one of the greatest occurrences ever. 


I’ve got an idea I’d like to pursue but…


I need a bit of help and or guidance. I know there are a million people creating software and mobile apps, and so I suppose there is room for everyone with an audience. I’m not a programmer, so I’d like to partner with one to create a scheduling app, that falls under the time-saving criteria and niche. I know there are tons of scheduling applications, however I think adding an element to it would help those in the audiovisual world. When I was a manager for upwards of twenty five fulltime employees it would definitely helped me, and now as a freelancer itd definitely help.

I know about Elance and Odesk, etc, but I’m not sure about going that route. I wish the connection could be more organic, but programming is not my world, so I wouldn’t know where to start. I’ve even thought about trying to learn just what I need to learn for what I want to create, but that. is somewhat unrealistic because of the time it would take. So how do people do it? Through meet ups? Through agencies for thousands of dollars? Who’s done it and what’s the best way? I’d definitely like to know. Please feel free to spread some knowledge in the comments or via email.

What to do with my One Egg and One Basket


I’ve lost what I’d previously was writing, but long story short – it’s been a long week. I haven’t freelanced in a few weeks, so that’s not great. I was expecting money from an eBay sale, that is now taking forever, also not great. I have some bills coming up that I have to figure out how to pay, and that just is what it is. I’ll figure it out. I’ll do it. Somehow…

I know the goal is to diversify, have multiple revenue streams, etc, but right now it feels like I have one cracked egg and one worn basket with the bottom threatening to give way at any second.

I have a telephone interview this morning, and one next week. The interview process is a lengthy process these days, and while eventually my plans are to nix having a boss altogether, I recognize that I need to have seed money of some sort for any entrepreneurial endeavor.

I’ve come to the realization that I’d like to have a business partner – someone who has the same or similar goals!

My skill sets are more on the sales and technical side. From sales to execution, I’ve planned live corporate events for hundreds, even thousands of people –
‘audiovisual-ly’ speaking, that is. I’m pretty adept at learning new software and applications, and I basically have a ‘get it done’ disposition.

I wish I were more of a numbers peron, an IT person, a programmer and a coder. I think these skills are awesome, and kudos to you for having them. So come now, who can I share my egg with?

Let Me Explain


I’ve just up and started this web log espousing my extreme financial desirous delusions of grandeur, and absolute covetous craving for the beloved chance to spend my seconds in a way that I see fit, while simultaneously neglecting to tell you about who I am – so rude of me.

I graduated college  in two-thousand and ‘fjththghg’ with a degree in Film. I went to work for a live event company where I basically learned to set up, operate and tear down audiovisual equipment.  I encountered lots of people everyday.  Fast-forward through the crazy bosses, office politics, small pay increases, angry customers, elated customers, good times, bad times, overnight sets, early morning tech calls, ROIs, P&Ls and a few promotions, and somewhere in those few years, I was operating my own venue.

Before then, I was a hard worker, but might slack off and cram all at the same time because I was usually doing a job that had been previously done by someone my senior, or,  in the future would be done by multiple people – AKA – they let me ‘do me’ because I was consistently doing a lot of work.


I had a baby!

Oh, it was amazing!  He is an absolute dream and my love muffin, and of all of the people in my world on this earth – or any – he comes first. Period.  I don’t think this works well in the corporate world, though. Actually I know it doesn’t because I am currently unemployed.


So now what?

Well, I have a small, cute and hungry baby to feed, so I apply for jobs.  I am not on unemployment or any food assistance programs, so I hustle.  I’ve sold some things on ebay and craigslist.  I freelance in my field, and long story short –  I get it done.


The catch.

I love being home with my son.  Separation anxiety is very real and definitely a two-way street, and we’ve both got it bad.  I love to spend time with him.  I love to cuddle with him.  I love to breastfeed him (oversharing, I know), I love to see him grow, and I love to watch him as he learns and experiences all that is new and amazing in his world.  I genuinely love everything about being a Mother.


There has to be more.

I started reading, and before you know it my mind was racing with ideas and thoughts about “consulting”, “entrepreneurs”, “millionaires”, “starting a business”, “building a successful business” and “financial freedom”.


The other catch.

I always feel like I am a skillset away from being completely confident. There’s money to be made via the web – should I learn to code?  I can operate programs such as Dreamweaver, and actually got paid to make a few websites for a few people after college, but is that enough?  I hear real estate creates millionaires everyday – should I become re-licensed and begin there?  I took a few screenwriting courses in school – should I take a few more classes and focus there?


Feelin’ good yet?

The point is there are many options, but sometimes your need can be so immediate, that it feels like few.  It’s like being under-qualified and over-qualified all at the same time.  But regardless of anything I’ve written here, anything I do in the world out ‘there’ – success is the only option for me.

Without any firsthand knowledge or feeling of the sun (success), I’ve seen the light and there’s just no turning back.




I’m Changing My Mind


So, I have to admit that while being unemployed isn’t all fun, it is kind of some fun.  This is evidenced by the energy that I have all day long.  And to you jokesters who would say, “Well, duh – you don’t have a job, silly – of course you have tons of energy!”  Keep in mind that I spend every single minute with a one year old!  And even still, there have been no more of those afternoon lows that require a caffeine boost to make it to 5 o’clock.

I spend my time with my son, and I spend my time researching entrepreneurial endeavors I wish to pursue, I spend my time blogging, I spend my time learning to code at Code Academy, I spend my time reading, I spend my time learning, I spend my time thinking – and besides being basically broke – I love it. 

Just this morning I received a phone call to schedule a phone interview for a job in my field at a large university.  I made the appointment, and while I was initially excited – that joy was quickly replaced by the realization that beginning another job would mean that I would have less time to do the things I love to do. This is how I know that my mind is actually changing.  I’ve changed the way I feel about putting in forty or more hours a week  in for someone else.  I want to be a producer first, and a consumer second.  I’ve learned to stretch my dollars, and not spend them because I have them.  I’ve learned that there isn’t anything wrong with delaying gratification if it gets you closer to your endgame.

And just to think, all these thoughts came to my mind after a short two minute phone conversation to set up a phone interview – not even an in-person interview!  Heck, I don’t even know if I will receive an offer, or know if I’ll even have a chance of actually obtaining the job based on what the other candidates do or don’t have to offer, etc.  The fact that I’m looking forward to, and loathing a job I don’t even have all at the same time is proof to me that my mind is indeed changing.

It means to me that if I obtain and accept this or any other job, that this will not put an end to my newfound thought process.  It will be used as a tool, a stepping stone, a means to an end, but it will definitely not be the end.


I Would Like to Send a Shoutout to All My Followers – All Three of You…


I just want to say – that If I’m to make millions or at least $20 a month blogging, I’ll need more than three followers (Thanks you three!). So what does this mean? That I should do as the WordPress header constantly urges and “Go Premium”, so that I can research and invest in all of the little gadgets and meters and monitors and stat keepers and ad makers, etcetera to grow my traffic?  Or that I should remove myself from this, and all turnkey platforms altogether and invest in my own domain? Or that I just need to blog more, or blog more interestingly, or exchange links, etcetera?  How do you people do it? And by you people I mean those with thousands of followers.  

See I had this “brilliant” idea –  I don’t want to necessarily “Get Rich Easy”, but I wouldn’t mind “Get Rich Quick” – there’s a huge difference. The former neglects the process, while the latter bear hugs the struggle, gets in bed with the hard work, and fucks the shit out of setback and disappointment.  On the way to millions though, I thought it’d be interesting to not just document the struggle, but to monetize it!  How cool would that be.  Forget the idea of luck.  Luck is a real thing, but luck is just a means to an end.  Luck didn’t make you study hard, luck didn’t make you teach yourself more marketable skills, luck didn’t stay up with you all night as you plotted, planned and worked toward your endgame.  Luck just was you being in Starbucks utilizing the free wi-fi (without making a purchase, mind you), while someone who could help you get to the next level overheard or peeked over your shoulder and figured out how to help you (and them – nobody wants to take on a lost cause – remember this). 

So until we meet again, lets turn the television off (or at least put it on mute), lets put the videogames away (or better yet, give them away or sell them).  Lets get off of the couch, out of bed, out of the fridge, and put in some work!  Lets be ready when luck comes knocking.  Remember this – there’s nothing wrong with working hard now to get what you want later, but later shouldn’t be 30 years from now.  No, we will work – no, overwork now – and get what we want in a fraction of that time.  My son is one now.  How awesome would it be for him to be five, just on the brink of starting school, and I can be there for every moment.  Not at the office, not stuck in traffic, not working overtime, not stuck on the phone – but with him.  That’s definitely worth studying, working and grinding seven days a week for – for now 😉


Unemployed Boss

Call it a disaster or call it a blessing – undisguised – but I was fired from my job on October 3rd of this year!  Don’t get me wrong, I am worried, I am financially insecure, I am applying for jobs like crazy. I am also Mom of a one year old, which takes unemployment to a whole other level.

But what I also know is that I want to be free to actually raise my son as opposed to sending him to daycare right now. This is not a stay at home Mommy vs working Mommy debate because we all do what’s best, or at least what we think is best, but for me, I don’t want to miss out on moments while he is so young. I want to build something that we can experience together, in the present.  Freedom is not a paycheck to pay bills, and my son doesn’t schedule his precious moments, triumphs and milestones on weekends only.   Freedom is not money, but time.  So when I work, I want to work for time, and not money, meaning I want to make enough money to spend my time the way I want to. It’s not necessarily a pipe dream because people do it everyday.

But How?

Here’s the catch – I’m not altogether sure!  So with this little “stay (at home) cation”, amongst other things, I am learning to code at http://www.codeacademy.com.  I get discouraged, but I am determined. Learning to code and building a commerce, blog or database site is only one way to create a boss-less income.  Don’t get me wrong, I am applying for jobs in my field, but my goal is for that to be temporary, while I work toward a permanent resolution to working for time, and not just money.